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About Us

LendSecured is a Real Estate Crowdlending platform providing only real estate backed investment opportunities.

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Reliable, experienced, determined


The core pillar and philosophy for us is to minimize the risks. LendSecured feels responsible for their clients and believes that if investors have trusted us with their funds, then it is our duty to offer the safest possible investment opportunities. In order to minize the risks, we publish investment projects with low LTV (Loan to Value ratio). The lower, the ratio, the lower the risk.

It all goes back to 2019, when two experienced professionals from the secured lending sector Ņikita Gončars and Edgars Tālums became aware that there is a niche in the crowdlending market, as none of the existing market players offered low-LTV investment deals.

The secured lending business under the leadership of Ņikita and Edgars had bought its strategic investors a return of over 10%. Now through the platform they are ready to offer investment opportunities for public.

LendSecured benefits from debt collection license (Loan MGMT Ltd.). Besides that, LendSecured is the member of European Crowdfunding Network since 2020.

We believe and follow our

Mission & Vision

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring to investors from all across Europe secured real estate projects with high return. For this purpose we carefully evaluate every application and publish investment projects only with low LTV, striving to esure the lowest possible risk.

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Our vision and aspiration is to contribute in a creation of society where anyone can achieve their financial goals. While investors are earning high return, and borrowers are working on reaching their business goals, we are boosting the economic growth by financing promising real estate projects. Our aim is to become the leading crowdfunding platform in Europe.

It all starts with

The Team

LendSecured is built by the two experienced and knowledgeable professionals from the secured lending sector.


Ņikita Gončars and Edgars Tālums are known as the co-owners of the stable and profitable mortgage and agricultural lending service provider Latvijas Hipotēka Ltd, operating since 2013 under the supervision of The Consumer Protection Rights Centre of Latvia.

Before the loan business founders of LendSecured operated in the real estate market. The joint experience in both financial and real estate sectors have allowed them to acquire the unique combination of skills, enabling to build a strong product and run the crowdfunding platform with unique proposition.

Both founders know how to communicate with the regulator, are experienced in AML, legal, and IT aspects, which make it possible for them to efficiently run the company.

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Ņikita Gončars

Chief executive officer

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Edgars Tālums


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Zane Sniedze

Chief marketing officer

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Olegs Davidovs

Chief technical officer

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Jānis Laiviņš

Chief Legal Officer

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Alise Igale

Lawyer & GDPR

Main reasons

Why choose LendSecured?

  • Secured with Real estate
  • Low LTV
  • Cherry-picked projects
  • Transparency
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