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We believe in secured investments

up to 14%*

* Including cashback bonuses and compound interest

Invest in loans backed up by real estate and earn passive income. All investments are secured by a collateral with low LTV.

Investing your money puts your capital at risk. Learn more about risks.

37% LTV

Based on avg. historical data


LendSecured co-funding


Funds held in BNP Paribas


Cert. Real Estate appraisal

Invest in real estate projects

Available and funded projects.

Once invested on LendSecured, your capital becomes illiquid until the end of the loan termine and loss of invested capital is possible. Please review the risks here.

Anchor Investor sales

Now you can earn interest instantly, without waiting the funding period.

ID Annual Return Amount Term Init. LTV Available for investment
13% 17 468,01 € 15m. 54% 17 468,01 €
12% 12 165,03 € 25m. 41% 12 165,03 €
13% 11 157,99 € 22m. 21% 11 157,99 €
13% 7 765,59 € 21m. 46% 7 765,59 €
11% 14 547,48 € 24m. 22% 14 547,48 €
11% 47 796,72 € 24m. 52% 47 796,72 €
13% 38 846,50 € 24m. 43% 38 846,50 €
13% 29 277,49 € 13m. 80% 29 277,49 €

In order to grant our investors access to previous projects and diversify the investment possibilities, we have published part of the anchor investor’s portfolio on the secondary market.


Partnership with Lemon Way

All investments on LendSecured are safely held on a segregated account from LendSecured funds in one of the biggest French banks - BNP Paribas. This could be accomplished thanks to the partnership with Lemon Way - a payment solution service provider with more than 10 year experience, currently providing its services to 1200 marketplaces and being supervised by Banque de France.

Furthermore, Lemon Way performs KYC and AML procedures supervising compliance with all the latest regulations.

How it works

Exceptional choice of

Approved projects

All projects are carefully picked by our team with vast experience in collateral-backed lending.

Average Loan to Value of all our projects is 50%.

Loan to Value (LTV) is a good indicator of the lending risk. The higher the LTV, the greater the risk of investment being lost. LendSecured believes that their clients should have complete confidence, when investing their capital through a real estate crowdfunding platform, that their investments are exposed to as little risk as possible.

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The key to success is

Experienced team

The team of professionals behind LendSecured has more than a decade of successful business experience in profitable asset-backed/real estate backed lending.

Knowing how secured lending operates allows to offer investors of LendSecured the product, which minimizes the risk/return ratio. Only the accumulated experience in the real estate market and financing allows us to offer our investors this unique product.

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Investors trust us

Getting a premium return is a hard job right now with such low interest anywhere in Europe, so getting 10-12% helps regular people earn as well, not just big funds can benefit from. The risk are reduced to minimal, due to the guarantees LendSecure provides and the collaterised loans....

LendSecured is a relatively new crowdlending platform, but it actually stands out, as its primary focus is on the safety of the investors. Nowadays it is a key competitive advantage. Knowing that my money is safe, or easily be recovered is a unique selling point for me.

I recently started building up my investment portfolio and I wanted to allocate a large part of it to crowdlending platform. There are many players right now, so I had to make a research carefully, as I am not sure what level of risk it will add to my overall portfolio. LendSecured s...

I always thought that investing is not for me, until I came across the LendSecured website. It clearly explained how the process works. I took a shot, registered and it is actually very easy, I receive my monthly income and can be called an investor now!

Main reasons

Why choose LendSecured?

  • Secured with Real estate
  • Low LTV
  • Cherry-picked projects
  • Transparency
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